Somali National Fishing Company
Somali National Fishing Company
Somali National Fishing Company
Somali National Fishing Co.
SNFCO core competence areas

1. Factory (main facility Wardhiigley)

  • Freezers and cold storages
  • Stainless shelves, stainless platforms, stainless trays, and plastic jars for carriage.
  • Flack ice machine.
  • Power generators.
  • Fresh fish icing rooms.
  • Processing plastic, insolated cartons for fish transportation.

2. Fishing boats.

3. Field production stations and supply sources.

4. Management and offices.

Somali National Fishing Co.
Somali National Fishing Company

Somali National Fishing Company – is a fishing company composed by mergers in the fishing industry. SNFCO was established on 02/02/2002 and operates in Somali shoreline especially southern coastal regions.

SNFCO occupies two facilities in Benadir region Wadajir & Wardhiigley, with modern paraphernalia include, deep freezers, Cold storages, ice-machines, ice-boxes, fresh-fish-rooms, and private boats.

The company processes different types of fish based on the customer’s request. The King Fish, Tuna Fish, and Groupers Fish are the main products of the Company. The Company maintains the supply and demand  of the company markets locally and finding abroad markets.

Current situations

Almost decade of operation SNFCO realized trends in the industry that can be threat and opportunity as well. This calls improvement on the current machines and equipment’s capabilities and to increase as their number. The areas to be enhanced quickly include refrigeration systems, ice-production machines, power- generators and fish production boats. Also, technologies related to fish catch system. field production stations, and new markets will be optimal.

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Somali National Fishing Company
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